Welcome to Crawfish Fusion of San Mateo

Featuring live Louisiana Crawfish, come and enjoy Cajun-inspired and Asian-fused exquisite cuisine in our warm, comfortable, yet sophisticated environment. Crawfish Fusion, located in the heart of downtown San Mateo, represents the confluence of American South and Asian traditions.

Our owner and executive chef, and her decade-long partner who is raised in the South, are both passionate with good eats. They always mingle together in the kitchen and try out new recipes. Their passions lead to the creation of the unique Cajun-Asian fused dishes for all of us to enjoy.

Whether you are craving for home-cooked comfort foods, planning a dinner party with family and friends, or just curious about our Cajun-Asian fused cuisine, you are always welcome here at Crawfish Fusion of San Mateo. In addition, we have a spacious private VIP dining room that can accommodate up to 30 people. Please give us a call or stop by next time you are planning your next gathering with your family and friends!

Our Customers Say...

The garlic bread was served nice and hot, the garlic butter evenly spread on the slices of french bread, an auspicious sign, The garlic noodles were not earth-shaking, but quite good. And the sweet potato fries were nicely crisp on the outside. The crawfish, sausage, and corn arrived in a large plastic bag, soaking in the Red Crawfish original sauce, medium spicy. The crawfish, sourced from Louisiana, were fresh and sweet, and seemed larger than those at Boiling Crab; and I'd say I definitely prefer the sauce at Crawfish Fusion over Boiling Crab's equivalent. The sausage slices were quite tasty, too. [...]


I'm a believer! This place got my 5 star rating plus again, one more extra star just because they take good and bad comments! THE ENERGY AND SPIRIT OF IMPROVEMENTS!!!

I have come here with my friends few times now and with each time it has gotten better and better. I would recommend almost everything on the menu since it has something of everything that you might crave. I would primarily recommend the garlic sauce crab since it is my favorite dish there. The sweet potatoes fries are also terrific. If you ever just want some comfort food, this place would be the place to go. Unbelievable I'll tell you!

Food was Great, Servers/Service Great, Ambience Great, Great Ending to our Night!

Wan Y.

Put on your bibs -- this place is Finger Licking Delicious! So excited that this place has opened! [... ...]

After ordering, we thought we might've gotten too much for two - but it ended up being the perfect amount for us. The shrimp and crab were fresh and meaty. The sauces were spicy, zesty, and delicious... and after trying the two, I'd say the garlic butter's my preference. Will have to try the lemon pepper next time. Garlic noodles, wow! Sooooo good... and sooooo bad for your breath! (Two days later, I'm still breathing garlic breath -- thank goodness the only dates i'm going on are with my husband who ate the same thing!). I used to dream of PPQ's garlic noodles, but these are now my ultimate favorite.

This might be our new favorite go-to spot downtown..... (....salivating......)

Heather S.

I am sooo grateful that the Crawfish Fusion decided to expand from their Larkin location. It is the same great food in lot more convenient and safe location. Their crawfish is as good as (and maybe better than) any I've had while living in Houston or while traveling through Louisiana - I am dead serious. I had 3 lbs. of the spicy version. It came in a plastic bag with an inch of the most incredibly delicious juice you've ever tasted. Since I knew the drill from their dowtown location, I ordered garlic bread to soak it up (highly recommended). I may be a freak, but I actually took what juice that I didn't finish to go; it is that good. I also had the garlic noodles which go well with all of the heat. The host was especially friendly and even comp'ed us a dessert. Run don't walk to this place, you will not be disappointed.

Howard M.

Just came out of the Crawfish Fusion, boy oh boy i tell up they know how to cook in there. At first i thought it was just a chinese spot but when i went in there they had a lot of southern food. I actually had the Crawfish and sweet potato fries. The Crawfish was off the hook. The place is very nice with very classy feel, nice place for a date. The people there were very nice and were helpful . I strongly recommend the Crawfish Fusion . 5 stars all the way.

Ster C.

Crawfish Fusion is theee ish! You haaaave to order any of the seafoods w/ the red crawfish special sauce ++++ the garlic nooodles.. You have to try the garlic noodles! enjoy!

Adelbert L.

Awesome food! i have been going to the one in city. this new location is much better for me and the parking is much easier! They have a FULL BAR too! So happy!

Asia W.